About Us


Ram Products, Inc. has been a leader in micromotors for over 30 years to dentists, dental laboratories, nail salons, podiatrists, industrial, jewelers and craftspeople, and hobbyists.  We take great pride in our products and related accessories as well as after sales support if needed for parts or service. We offer a wide selection of micromotors to suit your needs and always at competitive prices.  We take great pride in our expertise making Ram Products a leader.  We see the future with brushless micromotors having superior torque, ultra-quiet and a sealed motor virtually keeps the dust out.  You can look for our BP50 and BP60 table models, Mystisa 2 and Pocket Power portables all being brushless.




Ram Products Inc. started over 30 years ago with a dream and a vision.

I've always enjoyed working with hand tools and abrasives — when I saw
that Korea started manufacturing electric micromotors, it sparked an idea.


I can still remember back then when the living room table was the shipping table
during the day and at night I would fix the handpieces if any repairs.
Thanks to some help from friends and treating people honestly
as I wish to be treated it has been a fantastic dream.


Fast forward to the present keeping up with technology and always
trying to make a better product — we now offer several table and
portable brushless micromotors which are higher in torque and power
with reduced noise and vibration. We also offer a wide variety of
carefully selected abrasives to use in your micromotor.


Ram Products is dedicated to providing you with the widest selection of
premium, high-quality yet affordable products along with the
best service and support.


Thank you for making it happen!


Richard L. Wiesen, President
Ram Products, Inc.