3/32" Chuck for TECH2000/45000/Optimus Handpiece


• 3/32" Chuck for TECH 2000/45000/ Optimus and Primus Handpieces
• If you use one size quite often then it would be better to change the collet chuck sizes which is easily done with the wrench tool
It is always better to start with a bigger size as you can go down but not up in size.


 ** For Handpieces sold starting 2016 and had a serial # starting  with 16……, 17……, 18……, etc. – 8 numbers and numbers only

Item # 9601 - 3/32” Chuck For TECH2000, 45000, OPTIMUS, PRIMUS

Item # 9602 – 1/8” Chuck For TECH2000, 45000, OPTIMUS, PRIMUS


 ** For Handpieces sold prior to 2016 and has a serial # as a mix of numbers and letters  - anything that has numbers and letters

 Item # T02L-13 - 3/32” Chuck For TECH2000, 45000

 Item # T02L-13B – 1/8” Chuck For TECH2000, 45000

Changing collet chucks on most TECH2000, 45000


If you are right-handed hold the lower ½ of the handpiece in your left hand

1 – make sure the blank mandrel or a bur smaller than 1/8” head diameter is inserted in the chuck as this will help support the 3 chuck walls

2 – turn the middle plastic set ring clockwise towards you until it clicks and is in the open position

3 - use the chrome metal chuck wrench tool included in all handpieces and take the wrench and place the triange cut out over the chuck

4 – turn the wrench tool counterclockwise away from you

You should start to feel the chuck unscrewing and it takes about 10m turns to remove the chuck