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BP50 Slim Handpiece Only 1/8"

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Brushless Micromotor features high torque and pure power technology which increases the comfort and productivity of its user by effort-free performance. Brushless features a unique motor design which is totally sealed along with a powerful magnet motor shaft in a sealed motor case that virtually eliminates noise and vibrations. Brushless Motor Technology is unique to every brand and RAM PRODUCTS is proud to break the price barrier, making brushless more affordable.
BP50 Slim Handpiece is 20% lighter weight offering superior comfort while only 10% less torque and still 3 times the torque of brush type motors. Don’t be fooled by the slim front end as it has the same exact spindle and bearings – only a slightly different motor. BP50 Slim combines the best of brushless power and comfort in size.


  • High Speed 0-50,000 RPM
  • High Torque and High Power is Virtually Impossible to Stall
  • High Performance Motor Runs Effortlessly and Silently
  • 3 Times the Power and Torque of Conventional Brush Type Units
  • More Power Means Greater Productivity and Comfort with Less Fatigue
  • Convenient Flexible Coiled Cord
  • Heavy Duty Bearings and Spindle Design
  • Sealed Rear Motor Eliminates Dust
  • No Carbon Dust or Carbon Brushes to Replace
  • No Cooling Fan to Eliminate Noise and Reduce the Intake of Dust and Debris


  • Torque: 7.2Ncm
  • Size: 6”x11/16”
  • Net Weight: 5.68oz.


  • 6 Foot Coiled Cord

Compatible with BP50, BP-HST & Revolution 50 Controllers

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